Founded in 1987, Metroval started operations under the name Tecnobrás, producing positive displacement meters for oval gears under license from the German company Bopp & Reuther.

In 1988, the company changed its name to Metroval - which was born from the key words of its performance at that time: metrology and oval, the shape of the essential gear of the manufactured meters. In 1989, already installed in the building where its headquarters are still located, in Nova Odessa, a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo, it had doubled its number of clients and Petrobras was responsible for a significant part of its order book.

During the 1990s, it signed a technical collaboration agreement with the German company Rheonik, with another technology transfer contract, guaranteeing the pioneering production of mass meters by Coriolis Effect, in Brazil.

It was the first company of its size to achieve ISO 9000 certification in the segment, and it expanded its presence in the oil and gas market, whether onshore fields or offshore platforms. It was also in the 90s that it started to be present in the gas segment with equipment for CNG and LPG.

In the late 90’s Metroval began to conquer the world with exports, especially to Canada. In 2000, it participated in the creation of joint ordinance number 1 ANP/INMETRO, which changed the philosophy and criteria for measuring oil in Brazil. Responsible for adapting and maintaining the measurement systems on 14 oil platforms in the Campos Basin, it installed and maintains a branch in Macaé/RJ, with more than 100 employees.

With more than three decades of experience, Metroval today is proud to have more than 30,000 meters sold to more than 6,000 clients. A genuinely Brazilian company and a national leader in measurement technology, it completely dominates the production cycle of meters and flow measurement systems, generating the continuous development of fluid control solutions.

  • 1988


    Nasce a Metroval

  • 1990


    Amplia sua presença no mercado de óleo e gás. Começa a marcar presença no segmento de gás com equipamentos para GNV e GLP

  • 1994


    Uma das primeiras empresas de seu porte a conquistar o certificado ISO 9000 no segmento

  • 1997


    Inicia parcerias com empresas internacionais

  • 2000


    Participa da criação da portaria conjunta número 1 ANP/ INMETRO

  • 2002


    Abertura da filial em Macaé, RJ, com mais de 100 funcionários

  • 2004


    Acreditação do Inmetro de seus laboratórios de calibração de medidores de vazão, integrado a RBC – Rede Brasileira de Calibração

  • 2005


    Primeira EMED fornecida para a Petrobras

  • 2006


    Conclusão do maior contrato da história nacional, a adequação de quatro ativos da Petrobas na Bacia de Campos, totalizando 14 plataformas

  • 2009


    Fornecimento de quatro skids para adequação dos sistemas de medição de óleo, água e gás para a Petrobras

  • 2010


    Novo laboratório de vazão, com características únicas na América Latina

  • 2012


    Conquista o contrato de medição off-loading para oito plataformas replicantes (HULLS) para a Petrobras

  • 2015


    A Metroval assina dois contratos com empresas multinacionais para serviços de gestão metrológica de sistemas de medição de 17 plataformas marítimas

  • 2016


    Conquista o primeiro contrato on-shore internacional em Angola, África

  • 2017


    Metroval, EMBRAPII e SENAI CIMATEC assinam acordo de cooperação para desenvolvimento de produtos de alta tecnologia

  • 2018


    Completa 30 anos com a conquista de 2 contratos off-shore internacionais (Singapura e China)