Metroval’s MetroBlock injector block is used to measure and control the injection of additives, markers or chemicals that must be mixed into fuels at the time of loading. The MetroBlock set is manufactured in a single block that includes inlet filter, Solenoid Valve, Oval Gear Flow meter and Check Valve. This combination gives the product a compact shape and reduces leakage points. In addition, the equipment may have a thermal relief system to prevent damage to the injector during its operation. The Oval Gear Positive Displacement Meter uses graphite bearings, which gives MetroBlock a superior level of accuracy as well as a long service life. With a maximum permissible error of ± 0.5%, MetroBlock can be applied to fuel distribution terminals and ethanol plants, and can be installed in racks on the loading platform, fuel distribution, piping and aircraft refueling systems.

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