Metrocone, is a primary flow element manufactured by Metroval, where the measuring device composed of a spool piece, in which a cone is installed, whose design and corresponding geometry establish the flow profile, eliminating the need for a flow straightener.
A great benefit of the product is that it does not require large space when installed. In addition, Metrocone has no moving parts, has a low installation cost and an excellent flow measurement accuracy in a wide measuring range and complies with the construction parameters determined by ISO 5167-5.
With the Metrocone, the process fluid flow causes a difference between the static pressure of the cone element and the low pressure created downstream of the cone, due to its geometry, this pressure difference is proportional to the flow through the meter.
Metroval strictly follows the recommendations of the corresponding standard and performs the metrological control that guarantees the high quality of the meter. A relevant feature of this measuring element is the low permanent pressure drop, compared to the other differential pressure measuring elements.

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