When fuels are loaded onto trucks, ships or railroad cars, VOCs (Volatile Organic Carbon) evaporate into the atmosphere, creating layers of harmful and unacceptable pollution when exposed to the environment.
Metroval develops and builds vapor recovery systems (VRUs) for different compositions, fuel concentrations and emission limits authorized by environmental agencies.
Our solutions use the principle of Absorption and Adsorption by activated carbon bed, which is widely accepted and considered worldwide as the best available technology “Better Available Technology (BAT)“ in loading processes.
The adsorbed hydrocarbons are recovered from the carbon and through a 4th Generation self-lubricated vane vacuum pump, it will be conducted to a tower with a circulating flow of liquid absorbent fluid to carry out the process of vapor absorption.
We have systems installed in Brazil with more than 6 years of use fully approved by the Environmental Agency and with high rates of availability.

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