The MCCM is a volumetric fuel measurement system basically composed of an Electronic Unit that manages, processes and transmits data from two or more Flow Meters associated with it. It was developed with the objective of making available to the fuel managers, in several industrial segments, all the data they need in order that they can obtain the maximum energy performance of their equipment powered by diesel engines. The meters used in the MCCM are of the oval gears volumetric type, tested in the Metroval Flow Laboratory accredited by Cgcre/ INMETRO according to ABNT NBR/ IEC 17025 under No. 247. (*) Its maximum measurement eaccuracy is + / – 0.2% and its repeatability is 0.05%. This error is not affected by the fuel viscosity as it is the case, for example, with turbine meters.
The meter models used are specified according to the engine power. Due to its principle of operation, its accuracy is not affected by the position of its installation as well as by the change in the viscosity of the fuel caused by the change in temperature in the return line. This construction characteristic, depending on the number of meters used in the system, ensures the MCCM a measurement error of ± 0.35% to ± 0.55%.
The feed meters are always installed “after” the injection pump filter. This ensures its perfect performance, since the protection that the filter gives to the injection pump ends up also being extended to the meter protection.

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