These customized systems use the principle of volumetric or mass meters by Coriolis effect. Associated with a predetermination system and valves, the product offers excellent performance, with a maximum error of 0.5% of the value measured in the range in which it is calibrated. In addition, the ease of mobility of the system allows greater agility in the dosing and filling operation and with exact pre-set values. The systems consist of a pump, filter, volumetric or mass flow meter, pipes, dosing valves and HMI for Batch Preset, in addition to having a robust structure and ease of operation.
We have developed dosing systems composed of volumetric or mass meters, to be used in the dosing of liquid raw materials. We also develop mobile or fixed filling systems, which allow the final products to be filled in the most diverse containers, such as in cans, drums and containers. This system is widely used for dosing and / or filling paints and varnishes.
Main applications:
Dosing of raw materials such as solvents, pigments, additives for the manufacture of paints, varnishes, resins and other derivatives.
Filling of paints, varnishes, resins in cans, drums and / or containers.

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